Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yosemite 2007 June 5 - Merced Grove & Tioga Road

Today we wanted to take an easier day of sight seeing and decided to visit the Merced Grove of Giant Sequoas only six miles from our camp and take a long drive down Tioga Road.
We had a visitor as we were packing up to leave.

The Merced Grove has 20 sequoas in it and is a three mile round trip hike to the grove. Since this is a smaller grove and you have to hike in to see it - people tend to be scarce and we had time by ourselves with the trees. The day was overcast with a rolling fog. I had made fun of Jenny wearing her pajamma pants but as the day went on and got cooler she was the one laughing at us for wearing shorts.

After we left the Merced Grove we went to the gas station at Crane Flat before we headed up the Tioga Road. A worker at the gas station saw a bear in the meadow and told us it was a 3 year old teenager. Bob grabed the camera.

We then headed down Tioga Road to drive through the Sierra Nevadas. The scenery was great - we could see granite domes and valleys below. There were wild flowers blooming by the side of the road and clear mountain lakes. We stopped by Tenaya Lake and had lunch - in the car. As we had gone up in altitude the weather got much colder. It was snowing and sleeting and we were freezing in our shorts. So I don't have many pictures to show of this area as we didn't get out of the car much except for a few occations when the snow and sleet stopped.

Back at camp we warmed up by changing into pants, roasting hotdogs and drinking hot chocolate by the fire.

Here is a glimps at our modern camping. At night all the pictures are entered into the computer (John was the official uploader for the trip). Then if we had time we would have a slideshow of the day's pictures.

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